Samsung's Beautiful Curved OLED TV Comes to the USA for a Mere $15,000

Illustration for article titled Samsungs Beautiful Curved OLED TV Comes to the USA for a Mere $15,000

Back at CES we were floored by Samsung's crazy/beautiful 55-inch curved OLED television. They were an eyegasm of light-emitting diodes with a subtle but enticing cinematic bend. Secretly, we never thought we'd ever see one in real life since they just reek of CES flashiness that never turns into real-life anything. We were so wrong.


Last month, we learned that Sammy (and LG) planned to actually sell the curved Korea. But now, huzzah, it turns out they'll be hitting American retailers. For $15,000, Value Electronics [sic] will be selling them starting next week. The price includes calibration and installation. Other US dealers will reportedly be getting the television as early as this week as well. What a steal! [Value Electronics via CNET]

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I simply can't wrap my mind around the appeal factor here...

Although some ladies might admire the slight bend.