Samsung's New TV-Phone Brings Antennae Back To Mobile

Illustration for article titled Samsung's New TV-Phone Brings Antennae Back To Mobile

If limited data plans are getting you down, there's a new alternative that makes use of some old tech. How about picking up good, old-fashioned broadcast TV?


For the most part, MetroPCS' Samsung Galaxy S Lightray, is a pretty standard 4G-capable phone with a 1GHz processor, 4.3" display, and 8MP camera and whatnot. But on top of that, it boasts a small antenna and uses app called Dyle to turn those sweet, sweet DTV airwaves all around you into mobile video. Using standard airwaves for mobile video has a few notable advantages over data. TV stations already have the infrastructure and FCC clearance to be broadcasting, and picking up broadcast TV is free.

That catch is that Dyle isn't available everywhere yet, and even where it is available, not all broadcasters are opting in. In the end, the best you're going to get is a choice of three our four local stations which is practically nothing compared to the breadth of the Internet. And that's to say nothing of how you can't pause or rewind or anything. Still, Dyle has plans to come to other Android and iOS phones, presumably with bolt-on hardware, but MetroPCS' Galaxy S Lightray is the first and only all-in-one model on the market in the U.S. Never miss your local nightly news again. [MetroPCS via GigaOM]


Just like the 90's!