Samsung's Next Gen Blu-ray BD-P1400 and BD-2400

Samsung's follow ups to the highly regarded BD-P1200 are here, and they are upgraded with audio format support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD. Everyone else looks pretty much the same, including this magic list: 24 frame support, HDMI 1.3, and ethernet. Except the 1400 doesn't have that mind-blowing HQV video processor at $549 while the 2400 has it at $599 ($599 is the same price as the 1200, btw.) This slight improvement is ok, considering how great the previous model's reviews and features were. Don't mess with a good thing, just tweak it. Due in Sept/Oct respectively. Not necessarily worth waiting for over the current model, IMHO, if you have to buy now.

A WORLD PREMIER EVERY NIGHT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM: ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET FOR SAMSUNG'S NEW 3RD GENERATION BLU-RAY DISC PLAYERS New Line of Blu-ray Players Enlivens Home Cinema Experience with Advanced HD Audio Playback, 1080P Resolution, and 24 Movie Frames-per-second Capability

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., July 11, 2007 - Samsung Electronics, a market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, launches two third-generation Blu-ray Disc (BD) players, the BD-P2400 and BD-P1400. Now home entertainment aficionados can enjoy the closest experience to going to the movies in their own home. Building on the success of Samsung's BD-P1000 (the first Blu-ray player in the US Market) and the second-generation BD-P1200, the all-new lineup quenches consumers' thirst for not only the best video, but also the best audio quality available in a hi-definition disc player.

For a truly cinematic home theater viewing experience, Samsung's new BD player lineup offers full compatibility with 24 movie frames per second playback. Since most movies are filmed at 24 frames per second, these new Samsung Blu-ray players will be able to playback movies in their native format, significantly reducing unwanted artifacts. Setting the player's Movie Frame (24Fs) feature to ON allows the consumer to adjust the HDMI 1.3 output to 24 frames per second for a crisp, theater-like experience. Each of these players will also support 60Fs for enhanced compatibility with many of today's HDTVs.

Not only is it important for movies to look good, but also they need to sound good. Samsung's latest BD players complete consumers' HD total home theater experience with advanced HD audio decoding. Beyond standard Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS audio playback, both the BD-P2400 and BD-P1400 work with lossless formats including, DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD for a variety of clear, full-bodied sound options. When coupled with both models' HDMI 1.3 connection, consumers can enjoy the purest sound quality available today.

The HDMI 1.3 connection also offers HDMI CEC (Anynet+) technology, allowing consumers to use a single remote control to operate the BD player, TV and other A/V products from Samsung. Additionally, each model is able to up-convert standard DVD discs to full HD 1080p resolution via the HDMI connection, bringing consumers' DVD movie collections into the next generation.

Finishing off the BD-P2400's expansive feature list, the built-in Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor, a powerful unit similar to those used by Hollywood production studios, enables true 1080i to 1080p HD de-interlacing for the best HD images possible — even from DVD formats. It is a great option to ensure full optimization of HD and non HD libraries.

For those with extensive DVD collections, the BD-P2400 and BD-P1400 models include backward compatibility with standard DVD and CD formats (including DVD-ROM, DVD-+/R, DVD-+/RW, CD, CD-R and CD-RW). Playback of multimedia content in a variety of different formats is quick and easy at 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions. The "Easy Top Menu" allows consumers to change font and color of subtitles and menu titles according to their tastes, as well as the background color and menu graphics.


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