San Francisco to Save Its Residents From the Yellow Pages

Illustration for article titled San Francisco to Save Its Residents From the Yellow Pages

In this digital age, isn't the phone book a paperweight that nobody uses? San Francisco's Board of Supervisors must agree as they are passing legislation that stops the phone company from spamming your doorstep with the Yellow Pages.


Right now, every San Francisco resident gets a phone book and the telco hands out more than 1.6 million directories each year in the city alone. If you stacked these bulky books, they would extend to over eight times the height of Mount Everest. What a colossal waste of resources.

This Yellow Pages bill has to pass one more vote before it takes effect, but if it is approved, the phone company must confirm that you want the Yellow Pages before they deliver one you. An outreach program will make sure older and non-tech savvy residents still get the book, but everyone else will be Yellow Pages free. [Good]


Yellow book left two copies on my doorstep recently. I approached my door, picked them up, and tossed them into the recycling bin to my right. Then I went inside. With a internet capable cell phone these books are no longer necessary, take longer to use for less information, and are just a waste. I'd opt out if I could.