SanDisk Indestructible Giveaway: Win a 2GB Cruzer Titanium with U3

If you recall, yesterday we reviewed the SanDisk Cruzer Titanium USB flash drive. At the end of the review I told you we would be giving some away, and now we are. We have two 2GB SanDisk Cruzer Titaniums up for grabs.


This Cruzer Titanium is damn near indestructible, unlike most other gadgets out there. So, we want you to show us the gadgets you have that are destructible. You can do this in one of two ways: either show us your already busted gadget—in JPEG please, no wider than 520 pixels—and include a brief sob story explaining the broken gadget. Or, the other option is to take a gadget you already have, break it—preferably on film—and upload the video over at Youtube. Be sure to tag the video with Gizmodo. Once you are done, shoot an e-mail containing your submission—pictures or link to the Youtube video—to with SanDisk Indestructible Giveaway in the subject line.

The contest ends next Friday, September 1, at noon eastern. All of the standard Gawker Contest Rules apply and big props to SanDisk for sponsoring this contest.

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