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SanDisk is trying to simplify the connection between your computer and TV with the USBTV. Basically, it is a small dongle-like device that has a line-out and a USB flash drive. It works by loading up the flash drive with whatever media from your PC and plugging it into the dongle that is connected to the TV.


The USBTV is nowhere close to actually being released because SanDisk is just beginning trial testing. Regardless, this is a pretty damn good idea. It would be much easier to get my mom one of these rather than trying to teach her how to burn DVDs or work a media center. The USBTV dongle has everything you need to watch video—2GB of flash memory, DRM-enabled video decoder and a video line-out.

Sandisk Marches into Lving Room with USBTV; Trial Test Coming [EverythingUSB]


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