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SanDisk Photo Album Displays Photos on Your TV

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The SanDisk Photo Album might just be worth carrying around in your camera bag on your Christmas journeys this year, because it takes those photos you've shot off the small screen of the camera back and tosses them up on the big screen of any TV. It accepts just about any kind of memory card your camera might use, and even plays back MP3s.

We would've preferred connecting to a TV with HDMI instead of its lowly RCA plug, but hey, it has a remote control that even lets you zoom into your photos, so it might be good for a party gag or two. If none of that is useful all the time, it also doubles as a flash card reader for your PC. It's $40 at Amazon with free shipping. [SanDisk, via Oh Gizmo]