SanDisk Raises Funds for Katrina Victims

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At first we thought the date on the press release was off, but SanDisk really does want to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. It's hard to believe that the hurricane was so devastating that we're still cleaning up after it nine months later, but it's true.

A variety of artists have contributed their songs for free download, hoping that you'll donate the money you would have spent on the tracks to charities that will offer relief to Katrina victims. Owners of SanDisk Cruzer Freedom USB flash drives can access the catalog of songs by plugging a drive into a USB port and clicking on…. SanDisk's Jean-Christophe Klein said:

"SanDisk is honored to associate its name with the thousands of people who have already made a difference in saving lives and offering new hope. Along with this stellar group of performers, SanDisk asks that people who download this music click on the link and make a meaningful contribution to the charity of their choice."


Among the artists contributing work are lots of jazzy gigsters such as keyboardist Freddie Ravel, The Jones Gang, Israel-born jazz guitarist and composer Issi Rozen and French electro-groove band noJazz.

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