Sangria Jug Speakers

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I'll have to admit, I am a sucker for anything Sangria related. Nothing is better than a nice glass of an extremely intoxicating cheap wine concoction on a hot day. So it saddens me to see empty sangria jugs not being refilled with the red deliciousness. It also makes me happy to see them being put to a good use as a 7.1-channel speaker system.

This speaker system was designed by Carlo Rossi, an indie winemaker—what? Indie winemaker? Okay, whatever. The 7.1 system looks pretty basic, speakers put in sangria jugs—nothing too extravagant. Sangria and music, is there anything better in life? Add a good sandwich to the mix and I could die a happy man. Check out Rossi's site to see all of his odd, yet functional, wine jug mods.

Artist Page [Via Yanko]

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Um...I'm pretty sure this is just a stupid marketing gimmick. Carlo Rossi is the name of the winery, and it's by no means an independent wine OR design outfit.

The plans for these states that they are "more are than fidelity." And then they cite their experience in "Jugcoustics."