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Are you the proud owner of 42 inches of unoccupied outdoor space that you would like to fill with LCD monitor? Then pay off that credit card balance, because here comes your next splurge purchase: the Sanyo CE42LM4WPR 42-inch weather-resistant LCD. If you often find your monitors being pelted by blowing dirt, snowflakes or pressurized water streams, the IP56 standard weatherproofing on Sanyo's new baby will ease your worried mind. While I foresee limited home user application (maybe a TV atop the Jacuzzi), I can see universities and cities selling ad space on outdoor screens at bus stops, municipal parks and other high-traffic areas in the near future.

If you want your next monitor to be element-proof, expect to shell out enough cash to buy three of the non-weatherproof model.


[via CrunchGear]