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Sapient's Coke Machine Longs for Your Touch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Touch screens are everywhere now—on cell phones, televisions, airport kiosks, MP3 players and cameras. It's about time vending machines got in on the action, and that's just what Sapient's Coke machines are doing.

Revealed at CES, this Coke vending machine from Sapient has a completely interactive touchscreen front panel that lets you view the product before you purchase it—just like how you would in the grocery store. Simply select which bottle of pop you want, give it a spin to peruse its ingredients, marvel the barcode, and check out whatever else you need to know about it before purchasing it (with either cash or a credit card).


Sapient's Coke machines are set to be available sometime soon in the 190+ malls owned by the Simon Property Group. However, the rest of the world may have to wait until 2010 until they could touch one of these babies. View the very first hands-on first impressions below. [Engadget Thanks Peter!]

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