Sarcos's Exoskeleton is More Amazing Than We Thought

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We have had our eyes on Sarcos for quite a while, as they are the wonder kids that have been promising us super powered exoskeletons. Well, true to their word, they have just released a video of a prototype exoskeleton in action; the result is simply amazing. The device will primarily be made available for military use, allowing soldiers to break through conventional barriers of human endurance. Jump for the video.

The exoskeleton promises to make a difference to many areas of military and civilian life alike. As demonstrated in the video, soldiers will be able to do what they need to for longer. Meaning a soldier's efficiency will be greatly increased. The further applications are yet to be tested, but refined models should be able to assist those with physical disabilities, not to mention the possibility for a commercial edition. I wonder what the price will be? It'll surely be worth every penny, did you see how the arm floated upwards? Awesome. [LiveLeak, Thanks, Elvis. P]