Satin SIlver PS2 Malfunction

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Sony has added a new color to the PS2 this holiday season. This new color will directly compete with the XBox 360 and folks will be so blinded by the tinsel-ness of it all that they will turn from MS and pick up a PS2 instead. Ahem. The new slim model PS2 in Satin Silver, SCPH-75000 SSS will be available on November 23 and will include a Dual Shock 2 and vertical stand—both in satin silver—as well as AV cables and an AC adapter. Sounds good to me, but there's one slight problem: Turns out this new model has most of the same functionality as your standard PS2, but has problems running some PS2 games and older PlayStation titles. Poop.

New PSTwo Revision Incompatible with Older Titles [IGN]


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