Scan Your Old Negatives DIY Style, Using a DSLR and Toilet Paper Rolls

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We didn't always have digital cameras, and those negatives still laying at the bottom of some dusty drawer are proof. Now you can easily and affordably digitize those memories.

Heavy duty Nikon scanners can run you upwards of $1,000. Photographer Claus Thiim created his own scanner by attaching two toilet paper rolls to a polarize filter (with the glass removed) to the front of a DSLR camera. A plastic 35mm slide-mount was attached to the end and opened on the sides, so film can slide right through.

Voila! Capture each frame and you're done with the film. Bonus: You can use this method for traditional B&W film and forget about the dark room, for you more artsy types. [DIY Photography via Wired]