Sci-Fi Visions of 2015, Ranked

We're just hours away from 2015. What will the mysterious future hold? Fortunately there are a number of films set in this far-flung future year to tell us what's coming. These are their visions of (literally) tomorrow, ranked in order of desirability.


1. Back to the Future Part II

It's 2015, cars are flying, food comes in pill form, and people are still buying and reading paper sports almanacs.

Pros: Self-lacing sneakers. Hoverboards. Jaws 19.

Cons: So. Fucking. Cliched.

2. The 6th Day

It's 2015 and we have perfected human cloning. A secret corporation is building a clone army to try and take over the world. A woman with blue hair has a remarkably bad haircut.

Pros: Conquered death. Infinite Schwarzeneggers. Ability to pawn off family obligations on a clone.

Cons: Infinite Schwarzeneggers.

3. Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone

It's 2015 and the world is under constant attack from monstrous creatures known as "angels." Humanity bands together to fight back with the most sophisticated mech system known to man.


Pros: Mechs are friggin sweet. Real life is basically just Power Rangers.

Cons: One of those monster things has a spidery rib cage that really freaks me out. Real life is basically just Power Rangers.


4. The Signal

It's 2015 and the future is pretty much normal except for the part where you find some sort of abandoned complex and go to check it out and then wake up and everything is different probably because aliens.


Pros: Aliens exist and they will give you awesome robot legs and arms and stuff.

Cons: Aliens exist and they will capture you and put you in a space zoo.

5. Memory Run


It's 2015 and the Life Corporation controls all government while revolutionaries struggle for the ideals of freedom.

Pros: Normal guns that sound like laser guns and maybe are laser guns? Body-swapping. Laser fences.


Cons: If you get arrested for a crime, people will stick a needle in your brain. Big Brother has a terrible name.

6. Shank

It's 2015 and the gangs have taken over. One gang sets out on a chase to avenge the murder of one of their own. This sort of thing probably happens alllllll the time.


Pros: Dope-ass bandanas. Motorcycles. Parkour.

Cons: Gangs have taken over. Literal backstabbing. Everyone lives in a parking garage or storage unit.



Matt Novak

Okay Eric, you're going to have to defend your accusation that BTTF2 is "cliched."