Science Museum Seeking Human Subject for Monthlong Exhibit

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If the thought of you sleeping in a museum by yourself for a month isn't the stuff anxiety attacks are made of, then perhaps you're just who Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is looking for.

The MSI is accepting applicants for its 30 day "Month at the Museum" project, during which one lucky (?) subject will have the opportunity to live inside of a glass, um, habitat, within the center's 14-acre environs. The intrepid guest's time in the museum will be busily spent, taking part in live science demonstrations, mingling with guests, and of course, blogging. A few restrictions do apply during the experiment, including prohibitions against smoking and "visitors overnight," in case you were planning on putting on your own biology demonstrations after hours.

Illustration for article titled Science Museum Seeking Human Subject for Monthlong Exhibit

Those without any significant scientific knowledge (or even interest) are still encouraged to apply, as the museum is just generally curious as to what effect this will have on a human:

Regardless of your experience, you can still answer our question: how will a Month at the Museum transform someone? We often hear people say they were inspired by a single visit here. Now, we're hoping that, as you document your experience, we'll find out what an entire month can do.


If you should happen to emerge from your tenure psychologically unscathed, you'll enjoy a host of prizes, including a new laptop, digital camera, and $10,000. Oh, and of course—drumroll—a lifetime membership to the Museum of Science and Industry. Phew! [Museum of Science and Industry via Apartment Therapy]

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It reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode "The Silence" where one guy bets the other guy a half-million bucks that he can't go without talking for a year and he has to live in this glass enclosure so he can be monitored...Let's just say it doesn't go well....