Scientist Ejected From Classical Music Concert For Trying To Crowd Surf

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A recent attempt to provide an "accessible and informal" alternative to traditional classical music performances by encouraging audience members to "clap and whoop" to the music misfired this week, when an overly enthusiastic audience member attempted to crowd surf on his fellow concertgoers.


Above: The Bristol Old Vic, site of the incident | Some rights reserved by David McKelvey

An excerpt from The Independent's coverage, one of the most consistently hilarious news-pieces we've encountered this year:

Before the performance, [Bristol Old Vic artistic director Tom Morris had] invited the audience to bring their drinks into the standing area in front of the stage and instructed them: "Clap or whoop when you like, and no shushing other people."

But [David Glowacki], a Royal Society Research Fellow, was so overcome during the 'Hallelujah Chorus' he began lurching from side to side with his hands raised and whooping before attempting to crowd-surf, witnesses claimed.

Irritated by the distraction, audience members proceeded to physically eject the Bristol University academic from the area, in what Mr Morris claims is the first such incident at a classical concert since the 18th century.

Some ticket holders are now urging Mr Morris to set clearer guidelines for acceptable behaviour but the director is unwilling to re-impose the strict rules of etiquette which he has sought to cast off.

Read the rest here. It's positively excellent.



He should have shouted "For science!"