Scientists Invent Updatable Holographic Display

Researchers at the University of Arizona, with funding from the US Air Force, have developed the world's first rewritable holographic display. And by "holographic display" we more mean cheesy baseball cards, mid '90s artwork and credit card opposed to Star Wars. But the process is still pretty incredible nonetheless.

Illustration for article titled Scientists Invent Updatable Holographic Display

Essentially just laser-etched plastic sandwiched between layers of glass, when massive amounts of voltage are applied—9 kilovolts, to be exact—viewers can enjoy a true, all-red 3D display. With sizes up to only 4 inches, write times of 3 minutes and a shelf life of just a few hours, you won't be seeing these holograms around anytime soon. But your dreams of absurdly tacky monochromatic 3D photoframes are not in vain. [uanews via newscientist]


@ninjamurf: You mean I have to walk to see the other side? Pfft! That's what the WASD keys are for!