Scientists Use Mosquito-Mouth Design for Pain-Free Hypodermic Needle

Illustration for article titled Scientists Use Mosquito-Mouth Design for Pain-Free Hypodermic Needle

Scientists at Indian Institute of Technology and Tokai University have taken the natural features of a mosquito's mouth, and created a new type of needle that promises pain-free blood sample collection and injections.


When mosquitoes bite you, it's not their mouth that hurts you: their ultra-fine proboscis dips beneath the skin, and then a muscle squeeze-relax motion draws blood out of it. The new needle, made of titanium alloys for strength, has a tiny microelectricalmechanical pump that mimics the mozzy, and can work to extract blood or pump in drugs. It's also just 60 microns across, versus 900 microns of a conventional syringe. The team hopes to commercialize the product, but they've got a few technical hurdles to overcome before we can all worry less about having an injection. [NewScientist]

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While they can take away the pain (mostly) they cant take away the fear and some people are terrified of needles. Case in point, during an ER visit my tiny daughter was brave and didnt flinch for an IV while just accross from us, it took 6 people to hold down a grown man for his and when they finally got it in him, they had to sedate him for fear he would injure himself or the staff.