Scratch and Sniff Your Way Through New York City

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Amber Jones is the author of New York, Phew York, a scratch and sniff book that captures the smells of New York City.


The book follows a family's trip through 19 neighborhoods in the city, capturing 30 smells including hot dogs, the sewer and fish. It's an assault on the olfactory senses that was inspired by Jones' own experiences in the Big Apple.

New York, Phew York started off as a Kickstarter project that reached its $20,000 funding goal in August. The $34 book is now available for pre-order here and should arrive sometime in late November. [Amber Jones via Good; Illustration by Tim Probert]

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(scratch) "why does it smell like garbage?"

(scratch another) "why does it smell like piss?"

(scratch another) "jesus christ what the fuck is that?"