When you’re bored at work, pulling out your Game Boy to pass the time isn’t exactly inconspicuous. But this simple app called Screentendo is. It snaps a screenshot of whatever you’re working on and then turns it into a simple Super Mario level with clouds and breakable blocks. Spreadsheets have never been more entertaining.

Developed by Aaron Randall, Screentendo uses image filters and visual processing to figure out what parts of a screenshot can best be filled with blocks and converted into a Super Mario-esque level.


There are a few caveats, though. The generated levels don’t really have any enemies to stomp on, or any specific goals to speak of. You kind of just wander around smashing stuff until you decide it’s time to get back to work. And it looks like you’ll need to download the source code from GitHub and compile the app yourself before you get to play. But it still looks far more entertaining than Minesweeper.

[Screentendo via BoingBoing]

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