SE Xperia Panel Interface Modded to Work on HTC Touch HD

Not sure why anybody would take on this project, but several modders at the xda-developers forum have gotten Sony Ericsson's Xperia X1 panel interface to work on HTC's Touch HD. From the look of it, X1 installs, launches and works without much of a speed difference, and the panel interface actually seems nicer on the Touch HD's roomier screen. I doubt either company would be happy about this, but if you ever wanted X1's interface rather than TouchFLO on your HTC handset, I guess now there's a way to get it. [xda-developers via Engadget China]

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I had my doubts on the whole Panels thing, but its actually turning out to be quite useful. The SE Media Player and FM Radio Panels are really nice, and the new Facebook Panel seems to rival the iPhone App. I just wish the whole panels interface was a bit snappier, mine drags a bit.

On the other hand, I had a chance to toy with a Touch HD yesterday. That this is lightening fast. The TF3D experience suddenly had less delay than an iPhone. If XPanels performance is increased like TF3D on that thing, it might be a big bonus.