Seattle Columnist Sez Microsoft Portable Player, Argo, Will Be More Than an iPod Rival

Last week we got some juicy initial information regarding the portable media player that Microsoft has in the works. Today a juicy little column appeared in the Seattle Times that has a boatload of information about this device, unfortunately, it is a column therefore none of the facts are backed up. The columnist said his information came from a source close to the project. So this could be a bunch of mumbo-jumbo or it could be dead on accurate, but check out what the columnist, Brier Dudley, had to say.


The project is currently codenamed Argo, and is being developed as a "complete line of Xbox-branded digital-media products." This includes a media player and online services. It is being developed under the Xbox group being led by J Allard, Xbox co-founder. The team includes people who worked on MSN Music (ugh). The project will also likely showcase Allard's XNA game developing toolkit.

Dudley points out the fact that Microsoft's annual meeting is July 27, so that could be a perfect time for an official announcement that will make all of us pee a little bit. We'll keep you posted as more information surfaces.

Argo aims guna at more than iPod [Seattle Times Via Kotaku]


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