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Security Camera Captures Five-Foot Python Falling From Bank Ceiling

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What was probably a very boring meeting at a Chinese bank got a lot more exciting when a surprise reptilian guest dropped by.


China News reports that a group of bank employees at the Xin Cheng branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Nanning were in the midst of a morning meeting on Friday when a python fell from the ceiling and plopped down between two of the staffers.

A security camera captured the incident in its entirety.

The snake promptly snapped its head towards the humans standing around it. This might have been a threatening jab, but I choose to interpret it as a friendly greeting. The terrified employees scattered, leaving the snake to slither around frantically.


The bank reportedly called police which later arrived with animal control. Authorities captured the snake and took it to a wildlife conservation center for disposal, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The Nanning Wildlife Conservation Station told China News the snake weighed about ten pounds.

The Xin Cheng branch of the bank confirmed to ABC that the incident took place at their location. ABC reports that animal services believe the snake could have been an escaped pet.

The same bank branch reportedly had another snake visitor last year.

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That’s Yuan big snake.