San Francisco's got a beautiful skyline, but Angela May Chen prefers looking towards the pavement for a crystal clear view. The designer and photographer captured some of the city's iconic (and lovably hyper-local) sights reflected perfectly in puddles after good hard rains then flipped the pics, resulting in a series that is a delightfully funky mind-fuck.

At first glance it's easy to confuse the mirrored image with the real deal, until you notice that: Hey, pigeons don't walk on upside-down pavement! And cars don't park with their wheels in the air! Chen's certainly not the first shutterbug to use this technique, but she did a damn good job with it (plus I love this new perspective on my adopted hometown).

Chen told me that not only were none of the images touched up or Photoshopped, but all the puddles were made from bona fide, authentic SF drizzles.

Check out the rest of the collection over at The Bold Italic, and see how many of the hotspots you can ID. You can purchase prints of your faves here! [The Bold Italic]