Seeing every single Nintendo NES video game start screen is so fun

Wow. NicksplosionFX just created a time machine of emotions by stitching together every single—yes, every single—original Nintendo NES video game start screen in one epic video. The whole shabang lasts 3 hours and goes in alphabetical order and has so many memorable beeps and boops that you can't help but feel like a kid again (or at the very least, nostalgic).


How far we've come, right? Wired originally pointed out the video and I just want to project it against a wall in my house to remind myself how embarrassingly simple childhood was. How many have you played?

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I came by expecting to spend a second, but I can't stop watching... Part to just see titles, part to remember the games I played (I think 1942 was the first... spent so many hours doing that!)

Then I watched it the sense of wonder I had, even at bad games, when you plugged in the cartridge and turned on your TV (the Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle? I owned it because my dad liked the TV series, but man, that game just was not well designed, but I still wasted countless hours!)

And then I started watching it realizing that there's a real sense of art in a surprising number of these entries, considering you had such a limited resolution, color palate, and ability to animate. If Twitter has been a source of creativity, then the NES was like a Renaissance Italian city after somebody came by with coffee, tobacco and tomatoes.