Self-Powered eSATA On the Way; Power Bricks Everywhere Shudder In Fear

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The Serial ATA Standards guys just approved a bus-powered eSATA spec that may see the light of day as early as late summer or early fall. This comes as a relief since eSATA is making its way into the mainstream via the home-theater realm (as DVR add-ons), where demands for the power brick to just go the hell away are higher than ever. I'm thinking of all those home-theater beauty shots that feature a thin, wall-mounted plasma and the single surround-sound bar, but always leave out the growing rat's nest on the floor directly below. Thanks, eSATA, for doing your part! Now let's see if TiVo and others buy in. [ExtremeTech]


Given the superiority of SATA to firewire or even ultra SCSI for uncompressed HDTV video capture, any all improvements to this spec are totally welcome. It'll be more than interesting to see what they come up with.


My favorite quote: "If you are comparing the speed of the inner tracks of a SATA RAID with that of a SCSI RAID, you must take into account that the SCSI RAID capacity is less than one-third of the SATA RAID. When we measured the speed of the SATA RAID 30% mark (which is equal in capacity to 90% on SCSI RAID). The SATA RAID was FASTER! And at the 60% mark, the SATA RAID could still WRITE faster than 180MB/s after capturing twice a much as the SCSI RAID or a total of 559 gigabytes!"