Send Your Ashes to the Moon for All Eternity, for a Price

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Graveyards are so 20th century. If you want to be a cool and hip dead person in these modern times, you need to do something a bit crazier. Like get sent to the moon!


That's just what Celestis, Inc. is offering: the ability to send some of your ashes to the moon for the low, low price of $10,000. Celestis has already been launching ashes into space for a few years now, but this new service will let your final resting place be right there on the moon, a place that you can be sure will see your ashes resting comfortably and not returning to the Earth from whence you came. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust is all well and good for some people, but some of us don't want our cremated corpses used for growing trees in the woods or some other such indignity. No, the moon is the only place for decent people to end up. It's that much closer to heaven, after all. [New Launches]

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As this is the ONLY way that some folks will be going UP and not DOWN after death it might be worth the $10k. Angels such as myself however....will not need it. (Live right and leave the $10k for a really rocking wake.)