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Seriously Guys, This Time, We're Getting Closer To The Minority Report Screen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Intel squeezed a capacitive touchscreen sensor between two giant pieces of translucent glass and stuck a projector behind it, taking another step closer to one of tech's most long-standing clichés-the Minority Report screen-in 3D!

One of Intel's special projects division threw the screen together to demonstrate the Core i7's polygon-crunching skillz (you may be able to see a tiny fps meter there in the corner as the model spins), and they don't plan to bring it into any commercial products any time soon. Still, spinning a 3D model floating between two sheets of glass with your finger (only one though, sadly no multitouch) is still a thrill, after all these years. But would you want to do it all day working for Precrime division? My toothpick arms wouldn't hold up.