Sh*t Android Users Say

Those Shit Girls Says viral videos are no longer oozing with virility but this one's plenty hilarious: Shit Android Fanatics Say. Made by MobilePhoneFinder, the video pokes fun at all the Android geekisms and nerdquotes you hear from someone who has an Android phone.


It's a response video to the equally hilarious Shit Apple Fanatics Say. Watch both and let us know which one you think is more insufferable below. It's a tie for the worst between talking about giant screen size and wishing Apple made _____ . [YouTube, MobilePhoneFinder]



I think the only thing they missed was the false facts they claim to be real because they read it somewhere so it's definitely true.

Almost every time all go out my android friends immediately bring up some article they read about how the screen fails after 3 months on 90% of all iPhones, or how the head phone jack only works with iPhone head phones, etc.

It's always a shocker the questions I get asked. Sometimes it feels very similar to when I go back to Texas and the right wing extremists start asking about all the terrible things that happen in Southern California because they read some blog/webiste/article about the gay fornicating hippie celebrities who fill the street with their liberal white goo... I digress.



Oh yeah and the other one is the constant reminder by Android users about how Apple is the worst company on the planet, how they are ruining all innovation as we know it, how they are making people idiots with technology and if I actually believed in human progress I would get an Android phone because Apple just dumbs things down and keeps it so locked up that people don't try to do things like build their own PC or whatever...

Also the video needed to be a lot angrier when they say anything to the iPhone person. Like they are insulted that someone would be that ignorant as to have an iPhone around them.