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MultiSwitch, the first USB "Hub" that allows two machines to share one USB device, should be available in stores some time in early 2007. Why should this matter to you? Well, with MultiSwitch you can share printers, USB hard drives, card readers, fingerprint scanners, and whatever other USB devices you can think of without having to rig up a separate system sharing system.

The MultiSwitch can act as a switch to control which PC sees which device at a certain time. In future models, SMSC may develop wireless technology as well, using WUSB so there are even less cables to manage.


The point? Well, it'd be nice to have access to printers and scanners with multiple PCs if you're running a small or home office. This way, you're not encumbered with a complicated networking setup, or need to make one PC the bottleneck for all USB-related activities.

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