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Sharp Announces New TVs With Aquos Net Widgets/Services

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We're here, baby. The conference starts at noon PST. Until then, were just chewing away at our Venetian boxed lunches while scoping out Sharp's 20mm, 100,000:1 contrast LCD we saw back at IFA. We still want one. Hit the jump for updates.


So we're sitting right next to all the presenting execs, and a few are grilling another as to how bright he set one of the (new) SE94 LCDs. Another suit came up and double checked the settings.

Now we're getting started...

I'm eating a Granny Smith apple. I'm not crazy about these things. Then again, Red Delicious can be overkill on the sugar. Honeycrisps are more my cup of tea. (They're just talking about the success of LCD technology and their projections for its growth over the next few years).


65" Prototype LCD

We mislabeled that Sharp prototype we've been scoping out for the one we saw at IFA—the specs are the same, but this one is 65"—a little larger than the old (52-inch?) version. It's also ever so slightly thicker, a little over an inch, as opposed to the .9" IFA model. But it's pretty much the same thing, this time unveiled to American eyes.

"Sharp recognizes OLED technology...but there are two major reasons it won't replace LCDs..."
- Short Lifespans
- Small Sizes
So for now, they're staying out of the business.


Aquos Net


- Brings "widgets" to TVs. Custom web content, realtime customer support.
- works via ethernet
- NASDAQ, WeatherBug, comics, etc

Aquos Advantage Live
- Works with Aquos Net
- Connects user to customer service through TV
- User manual and FAQs on here


PLC adapter


- No ethernet, Power Line Communications
- Works around ethernet homes
- Models with up to 4 ports



- 1080p
- Aquos Net
- 27,000:1 contrast
- 120 Hz
- 46, 52, 65"
- 4MS Response


Some other models, too. But Aquos Net on some models is the big news to take home from this conference.

Sharp Blu-ray BD-HP50U


- Supports 1.1 spec, 1.3 HDMI
- Remote syncs power with TV

"Sharp Audio"


They skimmed over these, but there you go.

Well, that's a wrap. Aquos Net TV widgets look interesting, but avoiding OLED technology because of small screen size and short life—two things we must disagree with—seems like a lame excuse for Sharp. That's all until the next press conference.