Sharp MP-B200 and MP-B300 Thin MP3 Players

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Sharp is throwing these two flash players at the iPod Nano and hoping one of them takes out Apple's popular flash based player. With a glossy face and 512MB/1GB of built in memory w/ miniSD expandability, the player won't hold your entire library but will be enough for a full day's work.

Other features, FM transmitter (can someone translate this from the Japanese press release?), voice recording, FM tuner, MP3 and WMA support. Pretty standard except for the built-in FM transmitter.

Update: Reader Cory has filled us in on the complete specs, translated from Japanese, after the jump.

  • Stylish mirrored crystal front
  • On board voice recorder, IE. mic
  • On board mini-SD
  • Transfer music to and from the main memory and the mini-SD
  • Line-in recording
  • FM tuner
  • FM transmitter
  • Music management software included, featuring automatic updating of the player and CD ripping capabilities
  • Official date of sale 6.8.06
  • Silver, red, blue, black models come in 512 MB and 1GB flavors
  • Starting production of 20,000 units

Thanks Cory!

And the translation of the entire press release courtesy of Michael.

Sharp is happy to announce the industry's slimmest digital audio player to date, the MP-B200/B300 with both on board memory and a mini-SD slot for additional memory.

When the internal memory (MP-B200: 512MB, MP-B300: 1GB) becomes full, you can record directly to the mini-SD card or else copy data you've recorded from the internal memory to the mini-SD card. The player features a "card type" body with a polished mirror front surface done in a stylish "crystal mirror design". It fits in a shirt pocket for easy transportability and immediate availability when you want to use it.

Furthermore, the player is capable of being connected to an audio device for direct recording. That way, even if you don't have a computer, you can still easily copy your CD or MD music library to either the internal memory or the mini-SD card for your listening pleasure.

In addition, the player features a built in FM-transmitter which will allow you to easily broadcast your music to your existing stereo equipment or car radio. Also, the included software lets you simply connect the device to your computer and drop in an audio CD which will then be automatically copied to the player. This, coupled with the built in voice recorder and FM-transmitter ensures that this is a digital audio player for adults, equally at home in both the business world and your personal life.


Thanks Michael!

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