Sharp Opens the Aquos Kimono with Six Improved LCD TVs

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Not to be outdone by yesterday's announcements of a52-inch 1080p LCD by Samsung and Sony's barrage of Bravia bravado with LCDs also topping out at 52 inches, now Sharp jumps into the fray with its spiffed-up Aquos line of six new 1080p LCD HDTVs, whose largest iteration is also 52 inches. What, is 52 the new 46? We're especially liking that all the LCDs introduced in the past couple of days take 1080p as a given. It's about time.


The Sharp Aquos line was already a favorite of our trained eyes, and now the company's taken it to the next level with what it calls "Black Advanced Super View Full Spec HD LCD panels" (say that five times fast), offering them in three screen sizes of 52 inches, 46 inches and 42 inches. Each size will be available in either a side-speaker or bottom-speaker design, totaling six new models.

The eye-opening specs here are a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a response rate of 4ms. Now those are some fast LCDs. On top of all that, they're said to consume less power than their predecessors. And, even though their enclosures are quite similar to this year's model, they sure are purdy. Now we just want to know how much they will cost and when they'll be available.

6 New HD LCD TV AQUOS from SHARP [Akihabara News]

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