Samsung LN-S5296D: 1080p and 52 Inches of LCD Righteousness

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Samsung pushes the price of a large-screen LCD display lower with its LN-S5296D, a 52-inch 1080p flat panel that's due to hit US stores next month. It's bringing some serious specs, too, such as an 8ms response time and a 6000:1 contrast ratio. If the company can actually deliver that spec, it'll solve one of the major problems with every LCD I've seen: the blacks are too gray.


It looks like Samsung has just about thought of everything, where they've included a CableCard slot, and plenty of inputs in the back, too, such as a couple of HDMI inputs as well as two component inputs, a composite input and a VGA port. The best news of all is the price, under $5K. That's breaking some new ground for a 52-incher. Nice.

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