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Sharp Rolls Out Gigantic 108-Inch LCD

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

CENTERPIECE: 108-inch Aquos LCD TV

PRICETAG: They wouldn't tell us, but it will ship "this summer"

SPECTACLE: A huge black curtain dominated the left side of the stage, heightening expectations. All of a sudden, there's a 108-inch LCD with contrast ratio that Sharp said was equal to plasma displays.

WHAT THEY DIDN'T SAY: The thing must weigh a ton

BEST SPEC: It's 108 inches, and is the sharpest TV picture we've ever seen

RANDOM STAT: Sharp's D92 series of LCD displays have a 15,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

OVERHEARD: Wonder how much that sucker costs?

TARGET CONSUMER: "I'm sure we'll find somebody," said a Sharp official.

REMINDS US OF: A movie theater screen, but sharper and brighter by far

SNAP JUDGMENT: From what we could see, that 103-inch screen's contrast ratio is certainly up to the same quality of any plasma display