Sharp Triple Directional Viewing LCD: Three Screens, No Waiting

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Sharp has enhanced its solution-searching-for-a-problem with the Triple Directional Viewing LCD, a flat panel that can show three different video signals from three different angles at the same time. Sharp showed us this impressive technology with two video sources a couple of years ago at CES, and now it's raised the bar to three.

Sharp posits a scenario, where, say, three people are taking a drive, and the driver uses a GPS navigation system while the passenger checks out tourist sites and restaurants while the person in the back seat watches a DVD. Three videos, one screen. Let's hope only one person needs audio at a time, or maybe they'll all have Bluetooth headsets with three audio sources.


The real use will probably be in advertising, where the display will show three different ads at the same time. Just what we need. Cool technology, nevertheless. Can any commenters think of anything else to do with this thing?

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