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Sharp's Dumb Incredible 4K Smartphone Display Will Melt Your Face

Illustration for article titled Sharps Dumb Incredible 4K Smartphone Display Will Melt Your Face

The new Galaxy S6 may have the best display yet with the most most pixels. But we need more, and Sharp is going to give it to us with an absolutely bonkers 5.5-inch LCD 4K display—that’s 806ppi for anyone keeping count.


In 2011, Apple decided the resolution limit of the human eye when holding a phone was about 300 pixels-per-inch. Well, screw that. However, in Mr. Jobs defense, he didn’t exactly see the future where we’d be putting our smartphones only a couple inches from our face, thanks to smartphone-powered VR headsets like Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or even the new VR headset for LG’s G3. The 3860X2160 IGZO panel still has a few remaining questions to answer. First, Sharp needs to figure out mass production, meaning we won’t be seeing this display anytime soon (more like 2016), and second, how these displays won’t absolutely demolish our already frustratingly poor battery life.

We’ve reached out to Sharp for clarification.

But let’s not worry about it and accept that 4K smartphones are definitely not overkill and superfluous. Nope. [ via GSM Arena]


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Serious question:

Is there any point in a 4K screen on a 4-5-inch device?

Will it “melt your face off”, or will it “not be noticeably different from a 1080p display unless it’s right up against your eyeballs”?

/Or have I just answered my own question...would this be useful for VR headsets and nothing else?