Sheriff Says Campers Burning Poop in a Hole Started 500-Plus Acre Fire

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Photo: Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest

Two campers are to blame for a fire that has consumed more than 500 acres in Nevada’s Voltaire Canyon as of Wednesday night, according to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong.


Furlong said the campers were burning poop in a hole, reports the Reno Gazette Journal. They have been detained by the sheriff’s deputies.

The sheriff’s office and a Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest spokesperson did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s requests for more information on why these campers were burning poop in a hole. And I can think of no reason why someone would need to burn poop in a hole.


The fire began around 7:30 on Tuesday night. Firefighters battled the fire overnight and all day Wednesday. Some residents in the vicinity voluntarily evacuated, but as of Wednesday night, Furlong was optimistic. “We really don’t believe that there is significant fuel to get to those houses,” Furlong told the Journal. “But that’s a challenge right now because it’s night time and it’s become pretty large.”

The Sheriff did estimate at the time that the fire was three-quarters of a mile from Casino Fandago, the Carson City hotel and casino.

As of Wednesday night, the fire was at 30-percent containment, according to the Incident Information System.


Next time you’re camping, remember: Poop makes better fertilizer than fuel.

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Somebody you dont Know

We always burned our poop in kuwait, some poor private every morning would have to pull out the metal drums out of the latrine add diesel and kerosene. Light it and then use a really long pole to stir it. I will not confirm or deny if I ever had that duty. HA I said duty.

Maybe they thought that was the way to do it. Who knows some people are just wierd.