Last night, One World Trade's spire lit up Manhattan's night sky for the very first time. Up close, it was impressive, but perhaps a little lost amid the city's bright lights. From a distance though, it looked like a lightning bolt frozen in the midnight sky. A theme perfectly captured by the Voodoo Child himself.

This recording is a stripped-down alternate to the production-heavy cut from 1975's album by the same name. It's as hollow as an abandoned house, perfect for pondering the cold quiet of a dark night. A little minimalist restraint to balance out the boldness of America's tallest structure, from the flamboyant frontman whose music (and personal life) defined unfettered excess.


No matter if you're within eyeshot of One World Trade or halfway across the globe, take a moment to get away from the glow of artificial light and digital screens. This song is elegant proof — beauty doesn't always need to be overwhelming.