Shoe Camera Explodes on Creep's Foot Before He Can Take 'Upskirt' Photos

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Authorities say a Wisconsin man’s attempt to take invasive photos was foiled when the battery of his shoe-camera device exploded and injured his foot.

Madison police chief Mike Koval detailed the incident on his daily blog of significant calls. “The subject reported he had purchased a shoe camera that he intended to use to take ‘upskirt’ videos of females, but the camera battery had exploded prior to obtaining any video, injuring the subject’s foot,” Koval wrote. “The subject was counseled on his actions and released from the scene as no illicit video had been taken. Investigation continuing.”

“Upskirt” photography is a felony in most states, including Wisconsin.

The 32-year-old man reported himself to police after getting medical treatment for the injury, according to Madison police officer Dave Dexheimer. “He showed up at the station to self-report, I guess. I’m not sure what the motivation is—if it was remorse or guilt feelings or just wanting to do the right thing,” Dexheimer told Gizmodo in a call. “It’s unusual that somebody who was engaged in that would come and say, ‘Hey this is what I was up to, or was thinking about doing.’


Dexheimer didn’t know what kind of camera the man was using since he didn’t bring it in, but the officer said he’s familiar with the type of device. “They’re just tiny pinhole cameras that are mounted in just about everything—shoes, bird feeders, just about anything,” said Dexheimer.

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