Shooting Flying Cars with Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers

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I'm on the beach on semi-vacation now, here in the south of Spain, and we have BBC One via satellite. This means one thing on Sunday nights: Top Gear. Chances are that you probably have watched Top Gear clips on YouTube, like the one above, in which Jeremy Clarkson replaces clay pigeons and shotguns with real flying cars, machine guns and, at the end of it, a gas-tank-seeking (no kidding) rocket launcher.


The quality, effort and creativity put into each episode makes Top Gear some of the best TV you can get, but of course the US will only get a stupified remake in the US. Gotta love those brits (specially if you have married one.) [Break]



The reason behind the Stig was stated in an interview once - some new, prototype, cars and some vintage/rare cars are only allowed to be tested around the track if their owner's race them. Hence the Stig - anyone can drive the car and they can claim it's the same person.