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Shopping for a Camera at This Amazing Store Is Way Better Than Ebay

If you're into analog photography, most of the time the only way to shop is online. It is exceedingly rare to come across a physical store with a hearty stock of film cameras you can hold and touch. One such oasis is the Denton Camera Exchange in the fair city of Denton, Texas.


The above video created by The Vision Beautiful tells the story of shop proprietor Armand Kohandani who opened the place with a loan from his dad and a very small inventory. Over the years the shelves have filled out with dozens of cameras that span decades of photographic history. Not surprisingly, the Denton Camera Exchange is the only retail camera outlet in town.

Looking at the rows and rows of gear makes me want to fly to Texas just for a visit. I live in New York City, and even here there isn't a terrific spot for analog camera shopping. There are huge retailers like B&H or Adorama, with small sections devoted to used cameras; but they lack the selection and downright coziness of the Denton Camera Exchange.


Shopping on Ebay is great for finding that rare black-paint Leica M6 you've been looking for, but nothing compares to being able to see the thing, feel it's weight, and know you aren't being scammed. Here's to the Denton Camera Exchange and other shops like it around the country. [via ISO 1200]

If your city or town is luck enough to have a great camera store, share it below!

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