Shure Thing Scavenger Hunt: Day 4

It is day four of our Shure Thing Scavenger Hunt. If you are just tuning in we are giving away a pair of $550 Shure E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones. Everyday we are giving a clue that requires deep digging inside of the Gizmodo vault to find a specific product or a post. Once you figure it out shoot an email over to with SHURE THING v2.0: [CLUE ANSWER HERE] in the subject line. There is no need to put anything in the body of the email.You have approximately 24 hours to answer the clue. At the end of the week we will randomly select a winner.

Yesterday's clue was: Eat your heart out Blake Williams. The link takes you to the Gizmodo post regarding Blake Williams' request for a comments invite. That was not the correct answer though—come on, do you think we would make it that easy? In the e-mail Blake mentions his favorite Gizmodo post, which happens to be the Pac-Man Hat from August 2, 2005. The Pac-Man Hat is the correct answer.


Today is a special day. It is pictorial clue day! Check out the cropped image below and find the post relating to this image—the post, not the product! In this case there is a significant difference between the product and post.

Sponsored by Shure: "Shure Sound Isolating Earphones put the awe in audio. Precision-crafted triple drivers give rich, detailed sound - hear your music like never before - visit for a demo."


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