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How to NOT become a Gizmodo Commenter

Blake Williams writes:

I read your site every day. You have good reviews and, for the most part, grammatically correct writing. One of my favorite posts was the one a year or so ago about the Pac Man hat thing. Anyway, how do I get a login so that I can post comments and make fun of your spelling mistakes?


Speling mistakes? WTF are you talking abot? Ok smart guy, you've got the dictionary brain, but we've got the comment invites to hand out. And we're not sure we want smack-talking English nerds jizzing their epic, Shakespearean comments all over our Giz.

So, let's let the readers decide! Does this guy deserve a comments invite so he can plague our treasured comment system with his incoherent flaming? Decide his fate by voting in the poll, below.


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By the way, if you are interested in becoming a commenter, check out our FAQ here.


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I think Giz should give him the ability to comment, and then follow his comments for a while. After he has posted six or so, let's post them together, and then vote whether to make him walk the plank. Twice the humiliation, twice the fun. Just don't do it to me, because these guys will make me walk the plank for sure.