Gizmodo Comments FAQ

1. Who can leave comments on Gizmodo?

Anyone who has been invited, either by us or by a friend. The invite system works like Gmail. We've invited a bunch of our favorite gearheads, bloggers, and frequent tipsters to comment, then given them invitations to share with their friends and colleagues. That way, the burden of inclusion, and exclusion, is shared.


2. Why are comments by invitation only?

Most online communities are like Apple Stores and hip bars—they quickly get overrun with tourists, thus lowering the overall quality of the experience. The same thing will happen to us eventually too. But we're going to try to put off that moment for as long as possible.

3. How can I become a commenter?

A) Find a friend with an invitation to share. Many of the people who we've invited to comment have also received invitations to share with friends. We'll continue to seed selected inboxes with invitations to pass on so the supply doesn't die out.

B) Tip us. We've invited some of our most frequent tipsters to comment, as a thanks for all the help they've given us. If you're looking to comment, raise your chances by sending useful tips to us at

C) Convince us. If you're lurking inside a major technology or design company we might be interested in having you as a mole commenter. For instance, we'll send an invite to anyone who works at Apple, Nokia, or Motorola who asks for one.


D) Blog. If you're a blogger, you've got a stake in what you're saying. Many Gizmodo comments invitations have gone out to fellow bloggers whose work we admire.

4. Can I comment anonymously?

Yes, totally. Gizmodo's comment system is designed so that you can register and post anonymously. Not even we will know who you are.


Here's how to ensure that you register anonymously. When you click through on your invitation link to the comments sign-up page, create an anonymous username. Then, add an anonymous nickname in your user profile. We won't be able to link your username/nickname with your offline self.

We do ask for an email address so that we can email a new password in case you forget it. To preserve your anonymity, use an anonymous Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail account. Or, if you want to remain totally under the radar—and you're good at remembering passwords—just leave the email field blank.


5. Can I be banned from commenting?

Yes, if your comments are excessively self-promotional, obnoxious, or even worse, boring. There will be no warning, and no appeal. (For advice on good comment etiquette, check out Lifehacker's guide to weblog comments.)