Shure Thing Scavenger Hunt: Final Day

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It is the final day of our Shure Thing Scavenger Hunt. If you are just tuning in we are giving away a pair of $550 Shure E500PTH Sound Isolating Earphones. Everyday we are giving a clue that requires deep digging inside of the Gizmodo vault to find a specific product or a post. Once you figure it out shoot an email over to with SHURE THING v2.0: [CLUE ANSWER(s) HERE] in the subject line. There is no need to put anything in the body of the email. Today's clue is a bit different, you have until Monday morning at 10 a.m. eastern time to answer to clue. We will then randomly select a winner for the earbuds later that afternoon.

Yesterday's clue was a pictorial clue. I was feeling generous so it was an easy one. The picture clue was a tightly cropped photo of the Worst. Laser. Etching. Ever. Today's clue is also a bit of a pictorial clue. It is a multiple answer clue also, meaning there are two posts that are the correct answers and both have to be submitted (in one e-mail, in the same format as before) to get another opportunity to win the earbuds.


Today's clue: These two mile-high posts feature a little Giz Photoshop love.

Sponsored by Shure: "Shure Sound Isolating Earphones put the awe in audio. Precision-crafted triple drivers give rich, detailed sound - hear your music like never before - visit for a demo."

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