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Shure's New Cheap Earbuds Will Sound Way Better Than Your Crap EarPods

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Shure is one of the oldest players in the earbud game—the company accidentally helped invent the category in the 90s whilst designing in-ear stage monitors for musicians. The company's stuff sounds fantastic, and now with it's new SE112, they'll cost just a couple bucks more than the unfortunate buds that ship with your phone.


Specs are thin on the Shure SE112 buds, but one number we know for sure is the price: $50. Eminently affordable. And if they've got any of the DNA of Shure's more expensive products they'll sound great for that much money. One downside: Unlike other Shure stuff, the SE112's don't appear to have replaceable cables—but they're cheap enough that you're not out too much cash when they inevitably wear out and die. We'll let you know how they sound when we've had a chance to try them out. [Shure]