Shuriken Sticky Notes Make For Stealthy Office Reminders

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I love everything about these ninja-inspired throwing star sticky notes from ThinkGeek. Everything except the fact they're made from black paper, making them next to impossible to write on with anything other than a special marker.


Available in three styles of throwing stars plus a bona-fide ninja ready to do combat, the notes appear to be only sticky in strategic spots, letting you stick them in a way that makes them appear to be lodged in the surface.

It's a clever gag, but $8 for just 24 stickies is a little steep. Not to mention you'll need to get one of those fancy silver inked sharpies to even use them. [ThinkGeek]

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I know there are lots of types of pens for writing on black paper, but really, the better choice ultimately becomes catering your paper to your existing pens, not the other way around.