Sidekick Slide Design Flaw Causes Resets?

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Boy Genius reports that Sidekick Slide users are getting sudden restarts after sliding the screen up and down a few times. The cause? Apparently a build flaw that has too big of a gap between the contacts for the battery and the connector on the phone. Telstra, an Australian company, seems to be having similar problems on their version of the Motorola device called the Hiptop Slide. A temporary solution is to shove a piece of paper—maybe a business card—between the wall and the battery. This happening to any of you? [Boy Genius]



The sidekick has been sliding for a while. It was cool in the beginning however once HTC came on the scene the slide began sliding at a faster rate.

One major flaw is there were never strong improvements, they kept milking the product because it had a huge profit margin and was popular at one time.

I hope there is a major education moment here for T-mobile who I think for the most part is a good company. Between the Nokia 6160 and 6161, cheap phones sold at a premium price and the sidekick which as an old cow was milked toooooo long it has been a case of taking advantage of the consumers.

Today in technology one has to constantly be improving ones technology and upgrading or fall behind.